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Taipei Chinese Orchestra


NO.TitlePublish Date
120190413 【TCO Selection Series】 Video Game-Inspired Music Theater — Babie Tower: Recapture Hero’s Heart2018-09-14
220190612 【Premiere Series】 The Rite of Spring — LIN Cho-Liang & TCO2018-09-04
320190602 【Premiere Series】 Perfect Ten2018-09-04
420190524-26/0629-30 【Premiere Series】 TCO Theater — Opera: My mom Needs an Education2018-09-03
520190519 【TCO Selection Series】 Come Have a Seat — 10 Chairs in the Hometown Taipei2018-09-03
620190504【Virtuoso Series】 Surging Forward — PANG Kapang & TCO2018-09-03
720190428 【Virtuoso Series】 Two Can Play That2018-09-03
820190419 【Virtuoso Series】 Musicscape on Two Strings2018-09-03
920190331 【TCO Selection Series】 Traveler IV — Old Friends2018-09-03
1020190323 【World Music Series】 More Than Gamelan — Fantasies of Ten Thousand Islands2018-09-03
1120190307 【Caroling Series】 2019 Taipei Traditional Arts Festival Opening Concert — Romance of Anping City2018-08-31
1220190228 【TCO Selection Series】 Spring of Dadaocheng2018-08-31
1320190119-20 【Brilliance Series】 When Lion Shining Group Meets Chinese Orchestra II2018-08-31
1420181223 【Caroling Series】 Pearls of Wisdom — Works of SU Wen-Cheng2018-08-31
1520181209 【Twin City Series】 Sketches of Taiwan — Music Festival of Two Cities (Shanghai and Taipei)2018-08-31
1620181208 【Twin City Series】 Mountain and Sea — Music Festival of Two Cities (Taipei and Shanghai)2018-08-31
1720181201 【World Music Series】 The Night of the Prairie2018-08-31