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LIU Deh-Chain (Acting General Director)

Harboring a deep passion for music, through his long tenure at the Department of Cultural Affairs under the Taipei City Government, he was immersed in the multifaceted domains of contemporary and classical music. This accumulated abundant and well-rounded international perspectives. Additionally, drawing from a master's degree from National Taiwan University's Graduate Institute of Building and Planning, Acting Director Liu's experience spans cultural planning, music, and aesthetic education. This has allowed him to recognize the importance of interdisciplinary synthesis, heritage-rooted innovation, and inclusiveness across the arts.


Similarly committed to the Taipei Chinese Classical Orchestra's pursuit of continuous artistic growth and promoting aesthetic education, he has long spearheaded grassroots musical enrichment programs like "Culture Is Around the Corner" and "As Music As Life," garnering acclaim for bringing music closer to the masses. Dedicated to fostering a nuanced public appreciation for diverse forms of music and culture, his future goals are to "incubate new waves of contemporary music while revitalizing the classical spirit of Chinese instruments." Transmitting this legacy with vision is both his promised endeavor and responsibility.


Together with all colleagues at the Taipei Chinese Orchestra, he will continue to work arduously, creating new experiences while striving toward a future of "being at the forefront of international arts."