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TCO General Director:CHEN Cheng-Kang

At a very young age, Dr. Chen expressed a great interest and talent in music. Under the professional instructions of senior musicians, Dr. Chen had enthusiastically explored Luogu (traditional Chinese percussion) and Bayin (traditional music of Hakka people) and made an intensive study of multi-cultural music arts in Taiwan. He also mastered the bowed string instrument huqin which shed lights on in-depth knowledge for cultivating traditional music culture. Dr. Chen obtained his bachelor’s degree in the Department of Chinese Music, Chinese Culture University, Taiwan and earned his master and doctorate degrees in the Department of Ethnology, National Chengchi University, Taiwan. He is a respected scholar and a seasoned civil service administrator as well.
Cooperating with experts and artists, Dr. Chen has dealt with public affairs of performing arts and intangible cultural heritage and earned acclaim of the field. Drawing upon over 20-year experiences working with full-sized professional orchestras, Dr. Chen has managed over 2,000 performing concerts domestic and abroad in a skillful manner. He has been recognized as one of the strong contributors who enhance music culture through performing arts and foster talented young artists.
Dr. Chen has also paved the way to academic research and professional music education. He has previously served as a faculty member in the Department of Arts at Krirk University in Thailand, the Department of Chinese Music at National Taiwan University of Arts and Chinese Culture University. His research interests include music philosophy, Chinese and Taiwanese music history, ethnological musicology, and Austronesian music culture. He has published numerous articles on social observation and art review in various media outlets.
Dr. Chen took office as General Director of Taipei Chinese Orchestra (TCO) in May 2021. With “Realizing Art” and “Community Engagement” as central objectives, he has a vision to lead TCO to become “Top-Ranked in Asia, Top-Rated in the World.” Enhancing its sustainable community presence by local engagement and building up the Taipei cultural experience, TCO will further explore the summits of artistic expression.