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20240608【Spectacular of TCO】The New Voice of Beijing Opera:2024 Taipei Traditional Arts Festival Closing Concert

【Spectacular of TCO】

 The New Voice of Beijing Opera :2024 Taipei Traditional Arts Festival Closing Concert 

2024.6.8(Sat.) 7:30PM  

Venue:Zhongzheng Auditorium, Taipei Zhongshan Hall 

Price:$300、500、800、1000  Buy Ticket 

Highly acclaimed Beijing Opera masters, LEE Men and LEE Chao brothers’authority and artistry on Jinghu performance have met with no equals in the field. Rigorously trained at China National Peking Opera Company at young age, they later moved to Taiwan and passed down the essence of the crafts to younger generations. In the closing concert of the 2024 Taipei Traditional Arts Festival, LEE Chao will premiere the LEE brothers’ concerto for Jinghus with his longtime disciple CHANG Shu-Jan. Also in the program are highlights from several blockbuster Beijing Operas as arranged by LEE Chao, featuring seven divas e.g. WEI Hai-Min and talents from younger generations, e.g. SHENG Jian, LIU Jia-Hou, HUANG Shih-Ya, LIN Ting-Yu and KUNG Yueh-Tzu. Music lovers should not miss this gala event which encompasses Beijing Opera’s glorious past and bright future. 


Host:LIN Ku-Fang 

Conductor & Arrangement:QU Chunquan

Vocal Expression & Jinghu:LEE Chao 

Jinghu:CHANG Shu-Jan 

Vocalist:WEI Hai-Min,SHENG Jian,LIU Jia-Hou,HUANG Shih-Ya,LIN Ting-Yu,KUNG Yueh-Tzu 


LEE Men, LEE Chao (Arr. QU Chunquan): Fish Leaping Over the Dragon Gate, Concerto for Two Jinghus 

Selected Works from Beijing Operas: The Legend of the White Snake, Sunlight after Snowfall, The Golden Cangue