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Taipei Chinese Orchestra

Silk Road Bimonthly

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For the past 8 years, Chung Yiu-Kwong has laid an excellent foundation for TCO. In some aspects, he has redefined Chinese music, by incorporating it with other genres, discovering other possibilities, and successfully promoting it to an international level. With a foundation already built, Taiwanese music talent could be well on its way to get more exposure in the future. However, the growth of Chinese orchestra relies majorly on the amount of new works. Compared to Western music, Chinese music has a more limited reservoir besides the traditional standards. TCO should take part in creating more opportunities for Taiwanese composers, conductors, and performers to work together.

In my opinion, in order for Taiwans Chinese music to carve its own path, there would have to be more creative works done, with some written even by foreign composers. On my first day on the job, I made the announcement to encourage the composing

department teachers to write and teach Chinese music. Our orchestra also plans to collaborate with new generation composers such as Li Zhe-Yi, Wang Yi-Yu, and Lu Yun. Only with more pieces being created and perform could Chinese music open a new chapter.

As the new head for TCO, I expect myself and my team to plan the programs with the concept of studying the past and creating the new. While keeping our international perspective, there also should be a balance between tradition and creativity. By adjusting the way we handle western music with Chinese styling, we hope to innovate through music arrangement and instrument selection, in hopes to deliver multi-faceted and moving performances. In addition, I would also be working with the TCO team in promoting music education and charity performances, which would bring Chinese music more accessible and closer to the people. My mission is taking the orchestra in moving forward. So that in the near future, we would be considered as one of the top

orchestra among the entire Chinese population. Not only so, TCO would also be a brand that both continues the Chinese music culture and breathes new ideas.