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Silk Road Bimonthly 064

Silk Road Bimonthly 064
The 2019 Taipei Traditional Arts Festival (TTAF) which kicked off on March 7 is in full swing with diverse performances. The event featuring creative works with new experiments, expects to bring different facets of contemporary Chinese music to audiences.
I hereby would like to introduce some of the event's specials, such as a production, titled "Video Game-Inspired Music Theater-Babie Tower: Recapture Hero's Heart,” an inventive blend of traditional Chinese music with video game and theatrical elements. The performance will have an opportunity to directly engage the audiences and invite them to beat the games together. The composers JEN Chung and his brother DIAO Peng, with members of TCO Academy Orchestra will provide a pleasant surprise to appeal to concertgoers.
If we depict the production mentioned above as heavy metal music, the concert titled "Come Have a Seat-10 Chairs in the Hometown Taipei" produced by Cincin LEE, the laureate of the Golden Horse and the Golden Melody Awards, is like folk music style which brings a light and intriguing touch in her work. The performance is combining the traditional music with the incorporation of photography and multimedia, portraying daily life of Taipei citizens.
As a big family, TCO values every artist and administrative staff once worked with us. Therefore, the organizer has invited ten musicians to present a concert called "Perfect Ten" to celebrate our 40th year of establishment. These artists include six former deputy conductors of the orchestra and the four current chief vocalists. With this concert, TCO will give its glory to those who have hitherto devoted their time and efforts here.