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Silk Road Bimonthly 058

Silk Road Bimonthly 058
As I approach my third year at the helm, I would like to give my gratitude to the Taipei City Government and its Department of Cultural Affairs for their support, and to the orchestra and management team for their cooperation and trust.
The Taipei Chinese Orchestra has used the past three years to master classic and fusion/crossover compositions, stage contemporary and traditional theater performances, and serve an audience ranging from the young and new to seasoned, veteran followers.
In curating our program, we've been aiming to stay true to the theme of “crossovers,” in which traditional Chinese orchestra engage and interact with other art forms. The ensuing “Taipei Chinese Orchestra Theater” program has been a prolific effort that produces, on an annual basis, an original show that refl ects TCO's ability to create unique content.
Furthermore, we've been seeking to expand our operational revenue beyond our loyal audience base by planning different programs for difference audience groups. This step has begun to pay dividends.
Content remains key to the contemporary development of traditional Chinese orchestra. TCO plays one of the largest selections of Taiwanese compositions – we commission projects to introduce more young composers to the beauty of traditional Chinese music, and to introduce a new generation of musical talent to our audiences.
Starting this year, we will also be organizing composition workshops for composers who are interested in learning more about traditional Chinese instruments.
We may have exceeded our highest ticketing revenue records last year, but we remain humble. As I've often said, cannot be measured by being the best – it can only be achieved by becoming better. We are expecting the wider audience will join us, enrich everybody's life as a whole with the elegance of traditional Chinese music.