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Silk Road Bimonthly 055

Silk Road 055

Portraying the Taiwan Landscape with Chinese Music.

For the Taipei Chinese Orchestra (TCO), the 28th Golden Melody Award for Traditional Arts and Music was indeed a tremendous encouragement. This year, two of the TCO’s albums were nominated for four awards and the album, Sketches of Taiwan , eventually won the Golden Melody Award for the Best Interpretation in Conducting. The honor is made possible by the overall effort of the whole team and is to be shared with all!

The Sketches of Taiwan is the crystallization of the 12 years’work of composer BAO Yuankai, portraying eight different landscapes in Taiwan with music. It was originally written for an orchestra and made its premiere with Taipei Philharmonic Orchestra conducted by Henry Mazer in 2000. At that time, I played violin on the stage and was immensely impressed by the work. After assuming the position of the TCO General Director, I have endeavored to expand its repertoire, particularly large-scale music works. As a result, composer SUN Guangjun, recommended by BAO Yuankai, was invited to rearrange the Sketches of Taiwan in the style of Chinese Music. The album was recorded by Golden Award winning recording wizard Yu Tzu-tse in August last year and later made its premiere at the National Concert Hall in September. Subsequently, it was brought to the National Center for the Performing Arts in Beijing in October and Professor BAO made an effort to travel from Xiamen to Beijing for the grand performance.

I have always held that creation, performing, and appreciation are the three pillars in the performing arts and none of them is dispensable. The key of the development for Chinese music is creation, that is, its repertoire. Therefore, in this coming season, in addition to presenting commissioned tailor-made works by such composers as GUAN Naizhong, CHEN Shu-Si, HUNG Chien-Hui and WANG I-Yu, the TCO further invites outstanding conductors, such as GUAN
Naizhong, CHIEN Wen-Pin, CHANG Yu-An (winner of the first prize in the 7th International Conducting Competition Musicales Bucharest last year), and John van DEURSEN, for
collaboration. Let’s portray one landscape after another in Taiwan with the beautiful Chinese music.