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Silk Road Bimonthly 063

Silk Road Bimonthly 063
Opera is the most comprehensive art form of all, which incorporates a number of art styles encompassing music, literature, drama, dance, costume design, as well as stage and lighting technology. The art originated in Italy in the 17th century, and then spread across European countries and the rest of the world. Today, it has become one of the most important indicators to evaluate a city's cultural development.
After taking office in 2015, I initiated a new project called "the Taipei Chinese Orchestra Theater," presenting opera and musical productions by turns, under consideration as interdisciplinary programs organized by TCO have achieved fruitful results. In 2017, TCO presented an original opera called “The Four Women in Puppet Master Lee Tien-Lu's Life,” a work created by the laureate of the National Award for Arts CHIEN Nan-Chang. The art has received enthusiastic responses and earned recognition in the best lyrics category at the 2018 Golden Melody Awards for Traditional Arts and Music, the honor shared by lyricists LU Han-Shiu and LAI Mei-Zhen.
After the first year's success, TCO will bring another new drama in May in 2019, titled “My Mom Needs an Education.” The production features an inventive blend of different performing styles such as songs, drama, music and puppet shows. Also the organizer invites three artists from different fields including Taiwanese opera actress LU Hsueh-feng, actor PON Cha-Cha and tenor TANG Fa-Kai to share a stage. The bittersweet drama showcases a mother's love and her sacrifice for the families under challenging environment. Through the creative work, TCO intends not only to present Taiwan's diverse cultures, but also redefine the “Taiwanese drama.”
In addition to opera, another highlight of the season is the Taipei Chinese Instrumental Competition, which has been held annually in the spring. However, this year, the winner of the event will earn the honor in collaboration with five oversea musical groups from Singapore, Hong Kong, Macau, Shanghai and Beijing City. The new changes formally announce the contest has expanded the scale to an international standard, which will undoubtedly continue to enhance the group's influence to the world Chinese music scene.
TCO has been carrying on the mission promoting custom-made musical pieces and pursuing of the "Sound of Taipei." Assuredly, the group will continue its ongoing effort to proceed innovative experiments and boldly imbue new elements with traditional classics.