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【2017/18】20180113 Music and Literature—Works of WANG Chen-Ping
WANG Chen-Ping was a conductor, composer, and performing musician. He wasthe founding conductor of TCO and served as orchestra director and music director, forming an inseparable tie over the years.
【2017/18】20180308 2018 Taipei Traditional Arts Festival Opening Concert—A Feast of Strings
At this musical feast, patrons will marvel at the remarkable skills of the musicians and taste regional flavors from all the stylistically diverse pieces.
【2017/18】2018/04/01 Ranger Stories—TCO Game Concert
TCO invited Ivan LINN, who won the Gold Award at the Concours Grieg - International Piano Competition in Norway, to adapt selected video game soundtracks for the traditional Chinese orchestra.
【2017/18】2018/04/13 Taiwan Style—KUAN Nai-Chung & TCO
With passionate music that comes from the heart, this is master conductor and composer KUAN Nai-Chung’s return to Taiwan’s music scene.
【2017/18】2018/04/27 Classic Strings
The pipa is an instrument that liberates feelings from the heart, to tell stories of romance, home, and country.
【2017/18】2018/05/09 Let’s Swing! Jazz
Look for different elements from different genres, search new rhythms and sounds, create all kinds of possibilities – are guidelines for the evolution of Chinese music.
【2017/18】2018/05/19 South India Rhapsody
Carnatic music is a system of music commonly associated with the southern India, it is composed with raga (the mode) and tala (the rhythmic cycles),
【2017/18】2018/05/20 Music from the Silk Road
The Silk Road was an important path of exchange between the East and the West, influencing the politics, economics, education, cultures, and religions of the world.
【2017/18】2018/05/26 Ode to Gallantry—3D Sound and Lighting Concert
“Silver saddle shinning upon white horse, galloping like meteor. Killing within ten steps, drifting away thousands of miles without leaving a trace.”
【2017/18】2018/06/09 Earth Elegy
Cries from the heart reach the heavens. The sounds of souls were suddenly silenced - annihilated - leading into Earth Elegy (also known as The Bombing of Chongqing).
Total list: 10 items

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  • 20180308 2018 Taipei Traditional Arts Festival Opening Concert—A Feast of Strings, opened with new window.
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