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【2017/18】20170903- Horror! SIMA Zhongyuan’s Tales
SIMA Zhongyuan is a storyteller, well known for telling ghost stories.
【2017/18】20170917-The 12 Animal Signs of Chinese  Zodiac —WU Man & TCO
There are many orchestral works containing choir. However, The 12 Animal Signs of Chinese Zodiac composed by CHIEN Nan-Chang is more than a grand piece of Chinese orchestra with choir.
【2017/18】20170922-Lightly upon the Strings —Music of Guzheng by LUO Xiaoci
Traditional music reflects the depth of life, and contemporary music echo modern moments. Middle-generation musicians are those who bridge these two approaches.
【2017/18】20171024-Pine, Bamboo & Plum Brossom Works of CHENG Si-Sum
Composer CHENG Si-Sum made his name in traditional Chinese music circles with his cyclic The Winter Trio: Pine, Bamboo and Plum Blossom.
【2017/18】1104-05 Living National Treasure Ⅲ—Taiwanese Puppetry Music
A voice from the distance calls, “Alas, the life I’ve had cannot be as beautiful as my appearance.” It is the sad and helpless voice of an era, the echo of a beating heart.
【2017/18】20171118 CHIEN Wen-Pin & TCO
I would like to develop the sound and discover the possibilities of the Chinese musucal instruments and their combination, to find different acoustics for the Chinese music.”
【2017/18】20171216 Traveler III–The Glory
Travelers always know their way home.
【2017/18】20171224 The Romance of the Condor Heroes—LIN Cho-Liang & TCO
What are perfect pairings? The Condor Heroes and the Butterfly Lovers, of course!
【2017/18】20180113 Music and Literature—Works of WANG Chen-Ping
WANG Chen-Ping was a conductor, composer, and performing musician. He wasthe founding conductor of TCO and served as orchestra director and music director, forming an inseparable tie over the years.
【2017/18】20180308 2018 Taipei Traditional Arts Festival Opening Concert—A Feast of Strings
At this musical feast, patrons will marvel at the remarkable skills of the musicians and taste regional flavors from all the stylistically diverse pieces.
【2017/18】2018/04/01 Ranger Stories—TCO Game Concert
TCO invited Ivan LINN, who won the Gold Award at the Concours Grieg - International Piano Competition in Norway, to adapt selected video game soundtracks for the traditional Chinese orchestra.
【2017/18】2018/04/13 Taiwan Style—KUAN Nai-Chung & TCO
【2017/18】2018/04/27 Classic Strings
【2017/18】2018/05/09 Let’s Swing! Jazz
【2017/18】2018/05/19 South India Rhapsody
【2017/18】2018/05/20 Music from the Silk Road
【2017/18】2018/05/26 Ode to Gallantry—3D Sound and Lighting Concert
【2017/18】2018/06/09 Earth Elegy
Total list: 18 items

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Silk Road No.54

  • SIMA Zhongyuan’s Tales