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 TCO September and October Concerts, World Design Capital Taipei 2016, and 29th Summer Universiade promotion photos


【2016/17】2016.09.04 Season Opening Concert─Viva‧Taipei

【2016/17】2016.09.04  Season Opening Concert─Viva‧Taipei

When the word “communication” is used in the cultural domain, it means the meeting, communication, blending and reconstruction of two cultures. At the start of the 2016/2017 season, the Taipei Chinese......Full Text

【2016/17】2016.09.10 Musical Sketches of Taiwan – TSENG Yu-Chien and TCO

【2016/17】2016.09.10 Musical Sketches of Taiwan – TSENG Yu-Chien and TCO

Composer BAO Yuankai, of Mainland China, devoted 12 years to the Musical Sketches of Taiwan, a praise of Taiwan’s culture, folklore music, and the best of all natural landscapes.To commemorate the com......Full Text

【2016/17】2016.09.25 Journey

【2016/17】2016.09.25 Journey

A Vast Journey of Picturesque IslandsWith TCO as your navigator, let’s start this journey of Taiwan’s cultural legacies. Based on composer LEE Che-Yi’s exploration of Matsu and through the pianist HU ......Full Text


 2016/17 Season Brochure


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