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20200516-17,0523,0530【Classic Representation Series】Boundary+ - JPG&TCO

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Chinese Music Novel Force Series

Art editor Img Boundary+ - JPG&TCO

2020.05.16 (Sat.) 7:30PM
2020.05.17 (Sun.) 2:30PM
Venue:National Concert Hall 
Price:$300、500、800、1000、1200、1500   Buy Ticket

2020.05.23 (Sat.) 7:30PM
Venue:Playhouse, National Kaohsiung Center for the Arts (Weiwuying) 
Price:$300、500、800、1000、1200、1500   Buy Ticket

2020.05.30 (Sat.) 7:30PM
Venue:National Taichung Theater Hall 
Price:$300、500、800、1000、1200、1500   Buy Ticket
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"Boundary" are borders of clearly defined lines for things or entities. It can be specific, such as geographic borders of political entities; it can also be conceptual, such as Form Realm (Rūpadhātu) in Buddhism that divides light and darkness. "Boundary" can be a double-bladed sword that inspires a sense of identity; it can also trigger disputes, conflicts and wars. The conflicts over national borders, land ownerships, moral barriers, legal jurisdictions, or love and lust can be as clear as day and night, or vague as the murky cosmos.
"Boundary +" is based on The Legend of the White Snake, one of the four great love stories in Chinese folklore. The piece explores the travels of the protagonists across the barrier/border as they struggle free from the rigidity of traditions to find love, despite the tragic yet beautiful end they knew that was inevitable. In 2016, TCO and Ju Percussion Group ventured a cross-arts collaboration, and were blown away by sparks and enthused fan reception beyond their wildest imagination. In 2020, the two groups will revisit their success and find ways to upend your audiovisual experience.

Conductor: CHENG Li-Pin
Director: WANG Chia-Ming
Music: HUNG Chien-Hui
Di: LAI Yi-Chun
Taipei Chinese Orchestra
Ju Percussion Group