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20200411【Director Series】Zhuang Zhou’s Dream - SHAO En & WANG Jian

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Director Series

Art editor Img Zhuang Zhou's Dream - SHAO En & WANG Jian

2020.04.11 (Sat.) 7:30PM
Venue:National Concert Hall 
Price:$300、500、800、1000、1200、1500   Buy Ticket
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SHAO En, familiarizing with both the Western and Chinese music, conducts austerely and painstakingly. He also leads TCO became even more vigorous while he was the TCO music director.

In addition to many classics, cellist WANG Jian, working with TCO for the first time, will perform his favorite cello concerto Zhuang Zhou's Dream. And TCO's concertmaster CHEN Hui-Chun will world-premiere SHAO's work Ballade for Erhu Nostalgia. Let the thoughts expressed out of the strings impress you like an epic.

Conductor: SHAO En
Cello: WANG Jian
Pipa: CHENG Wen-Hsin
Erhu: CHEN Hui-Chun
Taipei Chinese Orchestra

LIU Changyuan: Dance of Ecstasy
YE Guohui: Sounds from the Area South of Yangtse River
SHAO En: Ballade for Erhu Nostalgia (New Commissioned Work, World Premiere)
ZHAO Jiping: Zhuang Zhou's Dream
HU Jianbing: Traveling within Gansu