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20210307【Virtuoso Series】Tribute to Taipei - 2021 Taipei Traditional Festival Opening Concert

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【Virtuoso Series】

Tribute to Taipei  
2021 Taipei Traditional Festival Opening Concert

2021.03.07 (Sun.) 2:30PM  
Venue:National Concert Hall
Price:$300、500、800、1000、1200、1500元   Buy Ticket

Commissioned by TCO, Tribute to Taipei is an ode to Taipei set for solo soprano, choir and Chinese orchestra. With six movements, the composer YEN Ming-Hsiu and the lyricist HUANG Ying take you into a journey among the landscape, culture and history of Taipei by music and poetry.

In 'Love Affairs for Mountains and Rivers' and 'Interweaving Networks', one would appreciate the beauty of nature and the daily life of citizen. In 'Temples and Ancient Relics' and 'Firework Fest', one could relish the nuances between old and new Taipei.

These are followed by the struggles for democracy in 'Sunrise in Liberty Square' till the dawn has come, sung by soprano LIN Ling-Hui. The work culminates in 'Tribute to Taipei', written in the prosody of Classical Poetry and sung by sonorous voices and vibrant instruments, paying a magnificent tribute to Taipei.

Conductor: CHENG Li-Pin
Erhu: WANG Ying-Chieh
Soprano: LIN Ling-Hui
Taipei Chinese Orchestra
TCO Chorus

LO Leung-Fai: Glimmer of Zodiac Signs (Chinese Orchestra Version World Premiere)
TAN Dun: Fire Ritual Huqin Concerto
Lyrics by HUANG Ying, Composed by YEN Ming-Hsiu: Tribute to Taipei (New Commissioned Work, World Premiere)

【Per-concert Talk】
 ◆ Speaker: YEN Ming-Hsiu (Associate Professor of Theory & Composition, Taipei National University of the Arts)
 ◆ Date: 2021/03/07 (Sun.) 2:00PM
 ◆ Venue: National Concert Hall 1F