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20240519【Spectacular of TCO】Impressions of Upland


【精彩TCO Spectacular of TCO】

山地印象 Impressions of Upland 

2024.5.19(Sun.) 2:30PM  

Venue:Zhongzheng Auditorium, Taipei Zhongshan Hall 

Price:$300、500、800、1000  Buy Ticket 

Particularly rich in their cultural heritages, the sixteen groups of Taiwanese indigenous peoples have distinctive outlooks on life in which song and dance are not just the vehicles to showcase their talent but rather being served to celebrate the heaven and earth. This concert includes the works of three composers who had done extensive field works on those indigenous peoples’ music and culture. Whether employing silk and bamboo ensembles, violins or epic song cycles, these compositions are the distillations of their deep impressions of the heavenly music echoing through the mountains and forests where the indigenous culture had been cultivated and thriving for centuries. Definitely one of the most memorable concert of this season that no TCO fans should miss. 


Conductor:CHENG Li-Pin

Violin:William WEI
Chorus Coach:CHEN Li-Fen 

Soprano:LIANG You-Jhong 

Tenor:Kingston KUNG 

Baritone:Chen Han-Wei


SU Wen-Cheng: Clouds Surging over Alishan 

KUAN Nai-Chung: Memory of Mountain 

CHIEN Nan-Chang (Orch. LIU Chih-Hsuan): A Suite of Taiwan's Indigenous Folk Songs The Maiden of Malana