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20220311【Virtuoso Series】The Splendor of Traditional Theatrical Music—2022 Taipei Traditional Arts Festival Opening Concert

【名家系列 Virtuoso Series】
粉墨春秋 The Splendor of Traditional Theatrical Music
2022 臺北市傳統藝術季 開幕音樂會   2022 Taipei Traditional Arts Festival Opening Concert

2022.03.11 (Fri.) 7:30PM
Venue:National Concert Hall
Price:$300、500、800、1000、1200、1500   Buy Ticket

Above three square feet of old red carpet spreading on stage, ages have been passed, loaded with endless joys and sorrows.

Through a potpourri of tunes north and south, people have been fascinated with the storied past of such legendary heroes, artists and poets as ZHOU Yu, LI Bai, WU Daozi and SU Wu, which could only be topped off with the timeless love story of Liang and Zhu. While behind the curtain, it was a life time of tears and sweat wiped, incomprehensible to the audience.

This evening upon the curtain call, another fascinating drama is about to begin. Please give the performers a big applause.

Producer & Host : LIN Ku-Fang
Conductor : QU Chunquan
Vocalist : TSAO Fu-Yung, WANG Hai-Ling, TANG Mei-Yun, LI Wen-Hsun, CHIU Ting
Taipei Chinese Orchestra

Yuju Opera : Selections from Granny Liu, The Butterfly Lovers, Legend of Duke Huan of Qi
Beiguan Luantan : Selection from Beiguan Gulu Su-Wu the Sheperd
Hakka Grand Opera : Selection from The Painter WU Daozi
Taiwanese Opera : Selections from A Benevolent Spirit, Asking the Moon with My Wine of The Immortal Singing of Eternity, Princess Wencheng
Peking Opera : Selection from ZHOU Yu, A Gathering of Heroes