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Taipei Chinese Orchestra


20190602 【Premiere Series】 Perfect Ten

Premiere Series
Art editor Img Perfect Ten

2019.06.02 (Sun.) 2:30PM
Venue:Zhongzheng Auditorium, Taipei Zhongshan Hall 
Price:$300、500、800、1000   Buy Ticket

It requires all the musicians and devoted artisans – either on-stage or behind-the-scene – for a perfect, memorable concert to happen. Here at TCO, both the deputy directors and the principals of each part are assigned a crucial role. "Perfect Ten" showcases all six deputy directors who have worked with TCO since its founding, and four current principals in every part – totaling ten performers – to stage "Perfect Ten." Celebrity composers have been commissioned to custom-write fresh pieces for four performers, to provide a warm-up appearance for TCO's upcoming 40th anniversary.

Conductor: LO Leung-Fai, CHEN Ju-Chi, LEE Ying, WU Ruey-Chen, CHIU Shih-Hsuan, CHIANG Chen-Hao
Erhu: WANG Ming-Yu
Percussion: HSIEH Tsung-Hsin
Souna: LIN Tzu-You
Liuqin: MA Tsui-Yu
Taipei Chinese Orchestra

LO Leung-Fai: Festive Dance
LEE Che-Yi: Floating Clouds on String Erhu Concerto (New Commissioned Work, World Premiere)
WANG Chenwei: Chinese Percussion Concerto (New Commissioned Work, World Premiere)
CAI Jie-Cheng: Suona Concerto (New Commissioned Work, World Premiere)
LEE Chia-Ying: Linqin Concerto (New Commissioned Work, World Premiere)
LIU Chih-Hsuan: Twilight Spring Trees and Serenity Fantasias