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20200221-22【Brilliance Series】Sound Correspondence between Zhuangnu and Teresa TENG

Brilliance Series

Art editor Img Sound Correspondence between Zhuangnu and Teresa TENG

2020.02.21 (Fri.) 7:30PM
2020.02.23 (Sat.) 2:30PM
Venue:Zhongzheng Auditorium, Taipei Zhongshan Hall
Price:$500、1000、1500、2000、2500   Buy Ticket

One was a diligent lyricist who created numerous classic Mandarin songs, and the other was an equally diligent and loving singer who was highly known in the Chinese world. On- and offstage, the two shared the feelings toward music, family and life letter by letter.

Their bonding and friendship not only resulted in our precious musical memory and resources but also prompted us to think about sincerity and liking between persons as time moves.

As the year 2020 marks the twenty-fifth anniversary of Teresa TENG's death, and the date February 22 was Zhuangnu's birthday, let's listen to the classics again to perceive the melodies' charm and sing them again to unleash the arts' momentum.

Conductor: QU Chunquan
Host: SHEN Tung
Executive Producer: LIAO Shih-Yun
Vocalist: CHANG Yu-Hsia, Sean LIN, HUANG Fei, Usay Kawlu, FANG You-Xin
Taipei Chinese Orchestra