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Taipei Chinese Orchestra


【2016/17】2017.06.09, 11, 16, 18 The TCO Theater—The Four Women in Puppet Master LEE Tien-Lu’s Life



In 1990, the Taipei Chinese Orchestra (TCO) produced its first opera piece The 100th Bride.Now, 27 years later, the orchestra is aiming to break new ground with its original Hokkienlanguage opera piece, The Four Women in Puppet Master LEE Tien-Lu's Life.

To be conducted by TCO Director CHENG Li-Pin, the piece was written by LAI Mei-Chen and composed by CHIEN Nan-Chang, a recipient of the prestigious National Award for Arts. LU Han-Hsiu, a winner of the Golden Melody Best Lyricist Award, also joined the team as its poem and script director.

Top vocalists and theater professionals from Taiwan, as well as members of the Chen Hsi- Huang Traditional Puppet Troupe, are set to collaborate with the TCO to bring the unique piece to life.

The production was inspired by an article in which LU shared his approach in writing about the four important women in LEE's life. Five of LU's Hokkien language poems about the puppet master and his four women were incorporated into the script of the opera. The entire piece consists of two acts and five scenes and a range of singing and dance performances. It includes both real and illusory elements, and audiences can even see traditional puppet show settings on the stage.

Set in Taiwan during the Japanese colonial period and after Japan surrendered Taiwan to the Nationalist government following the end of World War II, the piece follows the story of LEE and four important women in his life. It shows the difficult life of ordinary people in Taiwan during the time, and their unconventional way of living.

This is a story of smiles and tears and a story about Taiwan. There are no sorrows, only happiness. We invite you to this great feast of language, literature, music and theater, and we invite you to join us on this journey through the lives of Lee and his four women.


■ Time: 2017.06.09 (Fri.) 19:30 2017.06.11(Sun.)14:30
■ Place: National Thearter
■ Price: 500 800 1000 1200 1500 2000  Buy ticket


■ Time: 2017.06.16 (Fri.) 19:30 2017.06.18(Sun.)14:30
■ Place: National Taichung Theater

■ Price: 500 800 1000 1200 1500 2000  Buy ticket

■ Performer:

Poem and Script Director: LU Han-Hsiu
Librettist: LAI Mei-Chen
Composer: CHIEN Nan-Chang
Conductor: CHENG LI-Pin
Director: TSENG Hui-Cheng
Chorus Coach: CHEN Li-Fen
Vocal Coach: HSIEH Hsin-Jung
Vocal: LIN Meng-Chun, CHEN Mei-Lin,
WENG Jo-Pei, CHENG Hai-Yun,
Fernando WANG, KONG Siao-Cheng
Lighting Designer: HO Ting-Tsung
Set Designer: FAN Chen-Kang
Image Designer: WANG Yi-Sheng
Costume Designer: HSIEH Yi-Wen
Choreographer: CHANG Ching-Chia
Executive Producer: WU Yan-Xian
Taipei Chinese Orchestra
TCO Chorus
Taipei Philharmonic Children Choir
CHEN Hsi-Huang Traditional Puppet Troupe