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20231216【Spectacular of TCO】Dramatic Metamorphosis in Music


【精彩TCO Spectacular of TCO】

戲 Dramatic Metamorphosis in Music

2023.12.16(Sat.) 7:30PM  

Venue:Zhongzheng Auditorium, 

Price:$300、500、800、1000 Buy Ticket 

While elements from various traditional theatres often serve as the motif for composers, contemporary diegetic music has long been immersed in people’s daily life. TCO’s Principle Conductor CHANG Yu-An hand-picked the program for this gala concert with theatrical elements in mind which features the talents of young Pipa virtuoso HUANG Li-Teng and the top prize winner of last year’s Taipei Chinese Instrumental Competition, Dizi soloist HUANG ShiYan. Though without stage sets and actors, the audience will enjoy a fantastic journey filled with dramatic impacts from Jingju (Beijing opera) to TV series and sitcoms. 


Conductor:CHANG Yu-An 

Pipa:HUANG Li-Teng 

Dizi:HUANG Shi-Yan 


ZHAO Jiping: The Family Legend - The Moon at Dawn over Lugou Bridge

LU Yun: Collection of Mask for Pipa and Chinese Orchestra 

CHEN Ning-Chi : Dreaming of Butterflies 

CHENG Kuan-Chih: Chinese Operas Dizi Concerto 

Central Philharmonic Orchestra Collective Creation (Arr. KUAN Naichung): MU Guiying Takes Command for Chinese Orchestra   

Pre-concert Talk:FAN Wei-Tsu ( Artistic Director, Research of Zheng Art)