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20220327【 Virtuoso Series】Summit of Zithers from East Asia

【名家系列 Virtuoso Series】
東亞箏峰 Summit of Zithers from East Asia

2022.03.27 (Sun.) 2:30PM
Venue:Zhongzheng Auditorium, Taipei Zhongshan Hall
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Originated in Qin Dynasty of the Warring States Period (476 BC-221 BC) in China, Zheng, a Chinese zither, also flourishes in several other traditional cultures in East Asian, each imbued with its own cultural identity and artistic merits. These include the Japanese Koto, Korean Gayageum and Mongolian Yatga, among

As a special feature of the 2022 Taipei Traditional Arts Festival, Summit of Zithers from East Asia assembles preeminent virtuosi from the region: YOSHIMURA Nanae (Koto), YI Jiyoung (Gayageum), Baasankhuu Chinbat (Yatga), and FAN Wei-Tsu (Zheng) to perform concerted works with TCO led by Maestro YEH Ho-Chung. Truly a monumental event unseen in recent years gathering master performers from different parts of the East Asia which TCO's audience and music fans should not be missed.

Conductor : YEH Ho-Chung
Koto : YOSHIMURA Nanae
Zheng : FAN Wei-Tsu
Gayageum : YI Ji-young
Yatga : Baasankhuu Chinbat
Taipei Chinese Orchestra

LAW Wai Lun: The Voyage, mvt. 1 from Admiral of the Seven Seas
Minoru MIKI (Orch. KUO Jing-Mu) : Oventure and Shunno-Den, Koto Concento No. 2 (Chinese Orchestra Concert Version Premiere)
FAN Wei-Tsu (Orch. SU Wen-Cheng) : Deng Lijun Concento for Zheng, Gayageum, Yatga and Chinese Orchestra
Natsagiin Jantsannorov (Orch. CHENG Kuan-Chih) : Yatga Concerto (Chinese Orchestra Concert Version Premiere)
Donald WOMACK (Orch. Sherwin YANG) : Spiral Toward the Center of the Sky, mvt. 2 from Scattered Rhythms, Concerto for Gayageum (Chinese Orchestra Concert Version Premiere)
KIM Sung Kook (Orch. CHO Chi-Jou) : String Road Concento for Gayageum, Zheng, Koto, Yatga and Chinese Orchestra (Chinese Orchestra Concert Version Premiere)

Pre-concert Talk
Speaker: FAN Wei-Tsu (Dean of the College of Arts, Chinese Culture University; Artistic Director of Research of Zheng Art)
Date: 2022/03/27 (Sun.) 2:00PM
Venue: Taipei Zhongshan Hall Lobby