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20220219-20【Brilliance Series】Dancing in the Spring Breeze—Love Songs in Classic Taiwanese Films

【閃亮亮系列 Brilliance Series】
浪漫舞春風 Dancing in the Spring Breeze
電影名曲 音樂會   Love Songs in Classic Taiwanese Films

2022.02.19 (Sat.) 7:30PM  
2022.02.20 (Sun.) 2:30PM  
Venue:Auditorium, National Dr. Sun Yat-sen Memorial Hall
Price:$500、1000、1500、2000、2500、3000   Buy Ticket

Once upon a time, all those cute emojis used to be individual words scribed one by one in love letters. It comes a long way from replying on traditional matchmaker to finding a “Match” in the dating app.

The need for being in love might not change through the ages. But to feel the essence of innermost affection, one may need to resort to the cinestrip of certain classic films.

This concert will take the audience through a promenade of period Taiwanese movies original soundtracks, from the classical New Everlasting Love, Red Dust, Flower on the Sea, Osmanthus Alley, The Last One Night, to such recent favorites as Those Bygone Years, A Little Happiness, Your Name Engraved Herein, Little Big Women. The audience will experience the variegated expressions of love from different periods while listening to these memorable film songs.

In collaboration with famous pop singers, TCO will perform arrangements of the original sound tracks along with clips from the films on stage. The program serves as a virtual time machine letting the audience immerse in a purer era when love is, simply love.

Producer : HU Chin
Conductor : QU Chunquan
Host : SHEN Chun-Hwa
Vocalist : LEE Yi-Jun, YONG Lea, Michelle PAN (A PAN), YU Tzu-Yu, Anthony NEELY, etc.
Taipei Chinese Orchestra