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20231223【Spectacular of TCO】Erhu Virtuosi: TCO & WONG On Yuen and WONG Sun Tat


【精彩TCO Spectacular of TCO】


Erhu Virtuosi: TCO & WONG On Yuen and WONG Sun Tat

2023.12.23(Sat.) 7:30PM  

Venue:Zhongzheng Auditorium, Taipei Zhongshan Hall  

Price:$300、500、800、1000 Buy Ticket 

In 1980s, Master WONG On Yuen was essentially one of the icons of Erhu in Chinese music filed. His sold out annual albums and legendary concerts have been the quintessential classics for many music fans. He was once in sabbatical for three years just to master twelve different varieties of Erhu. After absenting from Taiwan stage for fifteen years, the master will join hands with his son, Erhu virtuoso WONG Sun Tat in this concert at the historical Zhongshan Hall showcasing their supreme musicianship with several major concertos. 


Conductor:QU Chunquan

Huqin: WONG On-Yuen,SunnyWONG 

Taipei Chinese Orchestra


LIU Tieshan, MAO Yuan (Arr. PENG Xiuwen): Dance of the Yao Tribe 

LIU Wenjin: The Sanmen Gorge Capriccio

HUA Yanjun: The Moon Reflected on the Erquan 

Cantonese Music (Arr. William HU) : Cantonese Music Medley 

Operatic Music of Hebei (Arr. YAN Shaoyi) : Hebei Huabangzi 

LIU Wenjin: Ballad of Northern Henan Province 

HO Zhanhao, CHEN Gang (Arr. QU Chunquan): The Butterfly Lovers Double Huqin Concerto

Pre-concert Talk:WONG Sun Tat (Chair, Chinese Instrumental Studies, Nanyang Academy of Fine Arts, Singapore)