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20220520-22【Brilliance Series】TCO Theater— WANG ZHAOJUN, the Musical

【閃亮亮系列 Brilliance Series】
TCO劇院   TCO Theater
WANG ZHAOJUN, the Musical

2022.05.20 (Fri.) 7:30PM  
2022.05.21 (Sat.) 2:30PM / 7:30PM
2022.05.22 (Sun.) 2:30PM  
Venue:Zhongzheng Auditorium, Taipei Zhongshan Hall
Price:$500、1000、1500、2000、2500   Buy Ticket

After the blockbuster productions of My Unseen Concubine and My Farewell Lady, TCO once again joins hands with All U People Theatre Inc. and presents the next chapter of the “Four Classic Beauties,” WANG ZHAOJUN, the Musical.

SYSNOPSIS: Yuan Emperor of the Han Dynasty used to commission renowned court artist MAO Yanshou to draw pictures with the imperial decree to facilitate the spread of the order. Intrigued by this notion, concubines in the imperial palace would bribe MAO to sort of “photoshop” their portraits, hoping to seduce the Emperor for an amorous night. As a newbie in the palace with strong personality of her own, however, WANG Zhaojun turned into a grotesque emoji under MAO's brush. Following a series of mishaps, Zhaojun, still unknown to Yuan Emperor, was picked by him, solely based on the emoji, as the new bride for the King of the Huns under the truce.

Produced by CHANG Ta-Chun, scripted and directed by HSIEH Nien-Tsu, music composed by LEE Che-Yi, with TCO under the baton of WU Ruey-Chen.

Conductor : WU Ruey-Chen
Taipei Chinese Orchestra
All U People Theatre Inc.

Producer & Lyricist : CHANG Ta-Chun
Choreographer : HSIEH Nien-Tsu
Composer : LEE Che-Yi
Screenwriter : LIN Meng-Huan, Tony WU (Story Nerd Works)
Stage Designer : LIU Dar-Lurn
Lighting Designer : HUANG Nuo-Hsing
Costume Designer : CHEN Chia-Min