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20230616-18【Spectacular of TCO】Eternal Love across the Magpie Bridge , the Traditional Dance-drama

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【精彩TCO Spectacular of TCO】

民族舞劇 The Traditional Dance-drama

七夕雨  Eternal Love across the Magpie Bridge 

2023.6.16 (Fri.) 7:30PM

2023.6.17 (Sat.) 7:30PM

2023.6.18 (Sun.) 2:30PM  

Venue:Grand Theatre, Taipei Performing Arts Center

Price:$500、1000、1500、2000、2500  Buy Ticket

The centuries old legend of the Cowherd and the Textile Lady is a classical love story beyond time in Chinese society. The yearning of the lovers separated by fate transcends space while the longing for their brief annual reunion is echoed through time.

Originally composed by CHEN Si-Sum with choreography by HSU Hui-Mei, Eternal Love across the Magpie Bridge  was a pioneering work for contemporary Taiwanese folk dance in the 1980s. It caused quite a stir after the premiere in 1984 and was brought back on stage during the 1995 Taipei International Dance Festival with sold-out performances. Forty years later, TCO commissioned HUA Li-Mei to update the choreography based on CHU Yun-Song's new orchestration, with additional multimedia and modern stage spectacles. The audience will be treated with a refreshing view of the classical love story which aims for a lingering night that never sleeps.

Artistic Director: Emily TSENG

Original Choreography: HSU Hui-Mei

Dance Director: HUA Li-Mei

Lighting Designer: FANG Kuo-Yien

Stage Designer: LAN Lin-Han

Composer: CHEN Si-Sum

Dancer: CHIANG Chih-Hsien, HSU Wei-Po, LEE Kuan-Lin, WANG Yuh-Wen, FANG Hsu-Chi, KUO Jung-An, LIN Jo-Chi, LIU Po-Yin, LIAO Yan-Yeong

Taipei Chinese Orchestra