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Taipei Chinese Orchestra


20190119-20 【Brilliance Series】 When Lion Shining Group Meets Chinese Orchestra II

Brilliance Series
When Lion Shining Group Meets Chinese Orchestra II

2019.01.19 (Sat.) 7:30PM
2019.01.20 (Sun.) 2:30PM
Venue:Auditorium National Dr. Sun Yat-sen Memorial Hall 
Price:$500、1000、1500、2000、2500、3000   Buy Ticket
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The rambunctious, effervescent the Lion Shining Group and the traditionally-cultivated TCO, took Taiwan's music community by storm in 2017, with a new breed of performance possibility. The two ensembles took each other on stage, regaling the audience with a musical feast. And indeed, the combination set off a frenzy.

This is truly a performanceon-demand: the two ensembles have returned to the stage with scintillating slapsticks by comedians PON Cha-Cha and HSU Hsiao-Shun.

Can TCO's Principal Director, QU Chunquan keep up with the crazy antics of the Lion Shining Group?

Would the unforgettable "A-Chu" make another surprise appearance?

"When the Lion Shining Group Meets Chinese Orchestra" promises to bring it on in your face!

Conductor: QU Chunquan
Actor: PON Cha-Cha, HSU Hsiao-Shun
Taipei Chinese Orchestra
The Lion Shining Group