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20231210【Spectacular of TCO】Ping.Shock Effect II: LIN Jui-Ping Suona Recital


【精彩TCO Spectacular of TCO】


Ping.Shock Effect II: LIN Jui-Ping Suona Recital

2023.12.10(Sun.) 2:30PM  

Venue:Recital Hall, NTCH 

Price:$300、500、800 Buy Ticket   

Acting outside the box would be the epitome of this concert. Suona virtuoso LIN Jui-Ping will showcase his new-age performance style with innovation and vigor. 

Focusing on original compositions, the program features commissioned works by young composers DIAO Peng, YUAN Cuan, HSU Wei-Ting and LIU Ting-Chien to explore multifaceted nuances as well as daring colors of the Suona in both aural and visual effects.


Suona, Guanzi:LIN Jui-Ping 

Suona:LIN Tzu-You 

Guanzi:LIU Ting-Chien,CHENG Yung-Cheng  

Piano:HSU Wei-Ting,DIAO Peng 

Vocalist:Olivia YAN 


LIN Jui-Ping: The Deep Night (World Premiere) 

DIAO Peng: Eight Drunken Immortals (Commissioned Work, World Premiere) 

WU Po-Kuan: Busking 

HSU Wei-Ting: Double Wood (Commissioned Work, World Premiere)

LIU Ting-Chien: Dream Lake Guanzi Quartet (World Premiere) 

WU Po-Kuan: My Wife Doesn't Let Me Drink (Commissioned Work, World Premiere) 

HSIEH Da: Forest 

YUAN Cuan: Soul in Suona (Commissioned Work, World Premiere)