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Taipei Chinese Orchestra


20190612 【Premiere Series】 The Rite of Spring — LIN Cho-Liang & TCO

Premiere Series
The Rite of Spring — LIN Cho-Liang & TCO

2019.06.12 (Wed.) 7:30PM
Venue:National Concert Hall 
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In 2017, esteemed Taiwanese-American violinist LIN Cho-Liang joined TCO to present The Butterfly Lovers. The performance was met with critical acclaim. LIN and TCO revisit this unbeatable partnership to play Violin Concerto (New Commissioned Work, World Premiere) and Nautilus Symmetry by Canadian/American composer of contemporary classical music, Joel HOFFMAN. This unparalleled interpretation is forecasted to rewrite history.

Coincidently, The Rite of Spring caused a sensation and a near-riot in the audience in its 1913 launch. Yet the passage of time has acknowledged its revolutionary uniqueness. Numerous choreographers and artists have attempted to interpret the piece from their own perspectives. Now TCO has commissioned composers to present this masterwork in the form of Chinese orchestra, so that we can reexperience the stir and musical revolution that "The Rite of Spring" has inspired.

Conductor: CHENG Li-Pin
Violin: LIN Cho-Liang
Taipei Chinese Orchestra

Joel HOFFMAN: Nautilus Symmetry (World Premiere)
Joel HOFFMAN: Violin Concerto (New Commissioned Work, World Premiere)
Igor STRAVINSKY (Arr. WANG Chenwei): The Rite of Spring (Chinese Orchestra Version, World Premiere)