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20220514【 Rising Star Series】Ode of Peace— TCO Academy Orchestra Concert

【未來之星系列 Rising Star Series】
和平之歌 Ode of Peace
TCO 學院國樂團 音樂會   TCO Academy Orchestra Concert

2022.05.14 (Sat.) 7:30PM  
Venue:Zhongzheng Auditorium, Taipei Zhongshan Hall
Price:$300、500、800   Buy Ticket

Yearning for peace is without national boundary and beyond time. Yet the cruelty of wars,with its endless slaughters and depriving people of families and loved ones, seems to be ashitshow repeating itself throughout the human history.

This concert program is presented as a song without the words, serving to relate war and peace in a pungent yet subtle way. YANG's orchestral transcription of the classic tune River of Sorrow depicts an epic tale about a virtuous woman's heroic act reacting to her deceased husband in the Qin dynasty. PENG's master piece Terracotta Warriors reflects the homesickness of the soldiers amidst an endless war due to the ambition of the Qin Emperor. Traverse back to our own time, Aleppo Concerto by WANG Chenwei is a manifestation of the composer's compassion for tragedy of the lingering Syrian war and the refugee situation, in which Middle Eastern music idioms are employed to depict the rise and fall of the ancient civilization and the wish to return to a peaceful time that people has been longing for.

Conductor : CHIANG Chen-Hao
Sanxian : TASI Yu-Tung
Erhu : CHANG Se-Han
TCO Academy Orchestra

WANG Chenwei : Sanxian Concerto Aleppo
YANG Liqing : Elegy for Erhu and Chinese Orchestra
PENG Xiuwen : Fantasia The Terra Cotta Warriors
ZHANG Zhao : Grand Chinese Orchestra Harmony of Colors

Pre-concert Talk
Speaker:CHIANG Chen-Hao (Associate Conductor of Taipei Chinese Orchestra)
Date:2021/05/14 (Sat.) 7:00PM
Venue:Taipei Zhongshan Hall Lobby