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20211218【Principal Conductor Series】Bang, Beat, Blast, Boom! As Fast as the Wind Blows!

Bang, Beat, Blast, Boom! As Fast as the Wind Blows!
【首席指揮系列 Principal Conductor Series】
擊擊風 Bang, Beat, Blast, Boom!
As Fast as the Wind Blows!

2021.12.18 (Sat.) 7:30PM  
Venue:Zhongzheng Auditorium, Taipei Zhongshan Hall
Price:$300、500、800、1000  Buy Ticket

When East meets West,
With two intrinsically different percussion music idioms,
What kind of sparkles will it emit?

Internationally renowned for her virtuosic sixmallets skills on the marimba, WU Pei-Ching is Ju Percussion Group’s founding member who has traveled around the world with the ensemble for over thirty years.

As the principle percussionist of TCO, HSIEH Tsung-Hsin is a versatile performer on both Yangqin and Chinese percussion instruments who excels on concert stage since her youth.

Two percussion divas, each in a class of her own, will showcase various solo and concerted works in a program which is nothing short of spectacles through a multifaceted musical journey.

Conductor : QU Chunquan
Percussion : WU Pei-Ching, HSIEH Tsung-Hsin
Taipei Chinese Orchestra

CHUNG Yiu-Kwong : Concerto for Chinese Percussion (Commissioned Work, World Premiere)
Jim LIN : Marimba Concerto No. 3 Notre-Dame de Paris for Solo Marimba with Six Mallets and Chinese Orchestra
Pius CHEUNG: Theater • Resonance • Zen Concerto for 2 percussionists and Chinese Orchestra (Commissioned Work, World Premiere)
YANG Nailin, LI Chenguei, WANG Chi : Charms of Xiangxi for Chinese National Orchestra

Pre-concert Talk
Speaker:HSU Po-Nien(Art Director, Forum Music)
Date: 2021/12/18 (Sat.) 7:00PM