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Taipei Chinese Orchestra


20190419 【Virtuoso Series】 Musicscape on Two Strings

Virtuoso Series
Musicscape on Two Strings

2019.04.19 (Fri.) 7:30PM
Venue:Zhongzheng Auditorium, Taipei Zhongshan Hall 
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2019 Taipei Chinese Instrumental Competition for Huqin (Chinese two string violin),the event would unveil some of the best youth players on stage to duke it out; winners of the competition will also share the spotlight with celebrated huqin players. Here is a roster of huqin maestros invited to the event: ZHU Changyao, SONG Fei, CHEN Chunyuan, ZHU Lin, and CHANG Chongxue. All of them hail from professional orchestras or conservatories from Taiwan, China, Hong Kong and Macao. Each has something to bring to the plate!

The concert is headed by TCO principal conductor, QU Chunquan, and the playlist consists of famed huqin pieces, including classics, contemporary works, and recent releases. This is a gathering of huqin maestros, and the best of the best at TCO are here, for you.

Conductor: QU Chunquan
Erhu: ZHU Changyao, SONG Fei, CHEN Chunyuan, ZHU Lin (SCO), ZHANG Chongxue(HKCO), Winners of 2019 Taipei Chinese Instrumental Competition
Taipei Chinese Orchestra

Tradition (arr. MIN Huifen) : Three Variations on Yangguan
LIU Tianhua: Melody on a Single String
CHUNG Yiu-Kwong: Fantaisie Brillante
QI Haodi:Dazzle of Fantasy
NG Cheug Yin: The Island
WANG Jianmin: The First Erhu Rhapsody
HUA Yenjun: The Moon Mirrored in the Erquan Pool
KUAN Nai-Chung: Willows Creek
ZHU Changyao: Nostalgia
CHEN Yaoxing (Arr. ZHU Changyao): Ferrying In Peach Blossom