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Are You Ready to Go Wuxia with Us?

Since December 2017, Taipei Chinese Orchestra (TCO) is to present one of the highlights in the 2017-18 Season, the Wuxia Series. In addition to presenting JIN Yong’s Wuxia novels with Chinese music as well as video games soundtracks on the stage, the series also incorporates
modern technologies to showcase unprecedented combination of lights, shadows, and music. As a Wuxia fan, you can’t afford to miss these must-see concerts!

In the first concert of the Wuxia Series, the violinist LIN Cho-Liang is invited to present the popular violin concerto The Butterfly Lovers , and at the same time, TCO will perform WONG Fu-Tong’s Symphony Condor Heroes for Chinese Orchestra, a piece of symphony accomplished after 10-year hard work and highly acknowledged by the novelist JIN Yong himself.

The second concert, “Ranger Stories—TCO Game Concert,”focuses on video game music. In Taiwan, video game concerts have been presented in the form of symphony before, but it would be the first-ever video game concert in Chinese music! At the invitation of TCO, Ivan LINN, the Gold Award winner at the Concours Grieg—International Piano Competition in Norway, has adapted the soundtracks of selected video games for the traditional Chinese orchestra and further written a piano concerto based on video game music, which he will personally perform with TCO in the concert.

The last concert in the series will interpret CHEN Shu-Si’s Ode to Gallantry to rebuild the sublime images of Wuxia heroes in the minds of people living in the world of mortals. Meanwhile, the 3D sound effects as well as music, shadows and lighting created by electric guitar, Gu Qin, percussion instruments, orchestra and surrounding sound effects are bound to fascinate and hallucinate audiences as if they were actually in an assembly of Wuxia heroes.