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Taipei Chinese Orchestra

Silk Road Bimonthly

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Taipei Chinese Orchestra has initiated The Gate to the Future through the use of technology. Consecutively through the seasons of 2015/16 and 2016/17, the orchestra will be putting music on the world wide web, issuing online bilingual magazines, and featuring virtual orchestra etc, in hopes of bring its listeners new experiences combining the classical and technological planes.

The fusion of Chinese music and technology is the creative direction that Taipei Chinese Orchestra has embarked on. Through the channel of web concerts., Chinese music would be able to travel without boarders. And the preview for the web performance should commence on May 17th of this year.

The much anticipated music center that is commissioned by the Taipei government will be the first of its kind to have a concert hall designated especially for Chinese music, with engineered acoustics and sound system. The hall will also be equipped with web technology and cutting edge installments. And it will be a key incubator for future development of Taipei

Chinese Orchestra.

In addition, through TCO's Virtual Orchestraproject, the Wong Wong Wong Variations arranged by Chung Yiu- Kwong, would allow anyone to participate in a wide range of forms. TCO will compile clips of different instruments playing, and edit parts into virtual performance editions. Anyone can be a part of the virtual orchestra performance online and enjoy the music made.

The gate to the future is open, TCO welcomes you.