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2015 TCO International Conducting Competition Pre-selection Process Result

We are delighted to announce that the following people have been selected to progress through to the First Qualifying Round of the TCO International Conducting Competition. The First Qualifying Round will take place at the Taipei Chinese Orchestra and Zhongshan Hall in Taipei on 26 January 2015. The shortlist has been selected from a field of 107 entries from 27 different countries and regions across 5 continents by the Pre-selection committee.

Name/ Nationality
1 Jong-Hun Bae/KOREA
2 Georgios Balatsinos/SWITZERLAND
3 Frans-Aert Burghgraef/NETHERLANDS
4 Fernando Lopez Briones/SPAIN
5 Tao Chen 陳濤/CHINA
6 Chen-Hao Chiang 江振豪/TAIWAN
7 Parinya Chucherdwatanasak/THAILAND
8 Marcio Da Silva/BRAZIL
9 Farkhad Adelievich Khudyev/USA
10 Wei-Hsuan Lee 李威萱/TAIWAN
11 Boon Hua Lien 連汶華/SINGAPORE
12 Martin Olsen/NORWAY
13 Aik Khai Pung/MALAYSIA
14 Anna Leonidovna Rakitina/RUSSIA FEDERATION
15 Natalia Petrovna Raspopova/AUSTRALIA
16 Yuta Shimizu 清水雄太/JAPAN
17 Monika Anna Stefaniak/POLAND
18 Dan Wang 王丹/CHINA
19 Hui-Chin Wu 吳蕙津/TAIWAN
20 Cheng-Te Yeh 葉政德/TAIWAN

Due to sudden unavailability, pre-selection committee member Chien Wen-pin was substituted by Kuo Lian-chang, Professor of Conducting, Fu Jen Catholic University.

We whole-heartedly congratulate all 20 contestants of the First Qualifying Round and would like to remind them that the deadline for paying application fee is November 28, 2014. Failure to pay the application fee before deadline will result in application disqualification.

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