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The Orchestra’s History

The Orchestra’s History


The Taipei Chinese Orchestra is a joyful discovery, evoking delicate playfulness, high drama, or the tranquility of a misty Chinese valley with equal atmosphere.


The Taipei Chinese Orchestra articulate with balletic grace, that extraordinarily delicate string tone projecting with determined swank.

Philip Clark, GRAMOPHONE

Taipei Chinese Orchestra (TCO), the first professional Chinese orchestra in Taiwan, has long established a high reputation for its versatility and artistic excellence since its founding in 1979. Since renowned composer Chung Yiu-Kwong’s appointment as General Director in 2007, TCO has experienced an era of unprecedented artistic growth, with a reputation for innovative and adventurous programming that has served to broaden the definition of traditional Chinese music.

The 2013/2014 season features “Let You Hear The World”, that TCO will, not only focus on the Chinese music, but also collaborate with various virtuosi, bringing wilder range of music from all over the world, which would be the new form of Chinese music in Taiwan. Orchestration reform will also be applied in this year: Dahu, Xiaoruan, and Soprano Pipa will be included into the regular instrumentation to enrich the middle and bass tones.

TCO annually touches the lives of close to 100,000 music lovers. Besides presenting over 50 regular concerts every year, TCO also shoulders the responsibility of art education. Each year, through the Art is Profound education program, TCO presents more than 30 concerts for sixth-graders across Taipei City in addition to more than 24 community concerts in a series entitled Bringing Arts to the Alleys. TCO also plays the role of “cultural ambassador” for Taipei and has performed in over 20 nations in Asia, Europe, and the Americas. Represented by renowned management company Opus 3 Artists, in February 2011, TCO made its US tour and became the first non-Western orchestra in the Opus 3 Artists roster.

The TCO’s outstanding performance in recent years has attracted international attentions. The Swedish BIS Records have produced 5 albums of TCO and diffused worldwide. The one in June 2012, Ecstatic Drumbeat with Evelyn Glennie, was highly praised by international critics and received the “Best Composer Award” at Taiwan’s Golden Melody Awards of 2013. In the 2013/14 season BIS Records produced albums for TCO with violinist Lu Siqing.

Over the past thirty six years, the TCO has steadily evolved into a world-renowned organization that is committed to presenting and developing traditional Chinese music at its highest level. In the years to come, the TCO hopes to continue its tradition of excellence in fostering the worldwide propagation of outstanding Chinese music and artistic development of promising traditional Chinese music musicians through the offering of outstanding music and high-quality education programs.


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