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【2017/18】2018/04/01 Ranger Stories—TCO Game Concert

0401遊俠列傳—TCO 電玩音樂會

Video games such as Romance of the Three Kingdoms, Onmyoji, Xuan-Yuan Sword, and Chinese Paladin are great pasttimes in modern life, and the soundtracks in these games are keys to bringing their fictional worlds to life.

What would happen when a live orchestra interprets the cold soundtracks of electronic music? What would you feel hearing them played in traditional Chinese orchestra? To flip young people’s stereotypical perception of traditional Chinese music, TCO invited composer, pianist, and music producer Ivan LINN, who won the Gold Award at the Concours Grieg - International Piano Competition in Norway, to adapt selected video game soundtracks for the traditional Chinese orchestra.

Ivan LINN has played many solo piano concerts in many major concert halls across Europe. This time, he composes and accompanies a piano concerto based on video game soundtracks. Come join us in this groundbreaking musical experience! Step out of your geeky home and come to Taipei Zhongshan Hall and listen to your familiar soundtracks presented by TCO.

Time:2018/04/01 Sun.19:30
Place:Zhongzheng Auditorium, Taipei Zhongshan Hall
Price:300 500 800 1000  Buy Ticket

Conductor: QU Chunquan
Erhu: SUN Huang
Guzheng: Renjie
Taipei Chinese Orchestra

Ivan LINN: Piano Concerto (New Commissioned Work, World Premiere)
Games Music Selected from:
The Legend of Zelda, Xuan-Yuan Sword: Scar of Sky, Romance of the Three Kingdoms, Swords of
Legends, Onmyoji, Deemo, Sakura Wars, Chinese Paladin

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