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【2017/18】20171224 The Romance of the Condor Heroes—LIN Cho-Liang & TCO


What are perfect pairings? The Condor Heroes and the Butterfly Lovers, of course!

For the first time, TCO collaborates with the best-known Taiwanese violinist worldwide, LIN Cho-Liang, to present the violin concerto The Butterfly Lovers, composed by CHEN Gang and HO Zhanhao. Since its creation, the piece has become the best-known concertos in traditional Chinese music and has continued to be performed and recorded.Adapting from Chinese opera, the composers demonstrated their musical prowess in faithfully translating the pentatonic scale and vocal production from traditional Chiense music to violin.

Forty years ago, then a violinist, composer Fu Tong WONG read a copy of JIN Yong's The Romance of the Condor Heroes. He was transfixed by the novel and decided to recreate its characters, stories, and emotions with orchestra. After decades of revision, he completed the 60-minute, 8-movement epic symphony that fuses traditional Chinese and classical Western styles and has won approval from the book’s author. This is a must-go concert for wuxia fans!

Time:2017/12/24 Sun.14:30
Place:National Concert Hall
Price:300 500 800 1000 1200 1500 Buy Ticket

Conductor: CHENG Li-Pin
Violin: LIN Cho-Liang
Taipei Chinese Orchestra

CHEN Gang, Ho Zhanhao(Arr. CHUNG Yiu-Kwong): The
Butterfly Lovers’ Violin Concerto
Fu Tong WONG(Arr. WU Ruey-Chen) : Symphony Condor
Heroes for Chinese Orchestra

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