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【2017/18】20171216 Traveler III–The Glory


Travelers always know their way home.

Thirty-one-year-old Taiwanese conductor CHANG Yu-An won his first international top prize in the 7th International Conducting Competition in Bucharest, Romania. He sees this as a milestone in his conducting career. As a traditional Chinese musician who only began studying music in high school, CHANG's ascension as a star conductor in Western music is a true inspiration.

CHANG Yu-An began studying di in high school. With his talent, he was accepted into the traditional Chinese music program at the Department of Music, National Taiwan Normal University. During university, his conducting instructor HSU Ching-Hsin realized his potential and helped him advance rapidly. After graduating from university, he began his studies abroad and is now studying orchestral conducting at the Hochschule für Musik Hanns Eisler in Berlin.

To help cultivate and encourage new talents, TCO has invited him to conduct a concert in his familiar field of traditional Chinese music, collaborating with award-winning bomboo flute player WU Chia-Chen in TANG Jianping's di concerto, Feige. Other featured pieces include ZHAO Jiping's Festival Overture and PENG Xiuwen's The Fantasia - The Chin Dynasty
Terra Cotta Soldiers. All of which are magnificent pairings of classic works and talented musicians.

Time:2017/12/16 Sat.19:30
Place:Zhongzheng Auditorium, Taipei Zhongshan Hall
Price:300 500 800 1000 Buy Ticket

Conductor: CHANG Yu-An
Di: WU Chia-Chen
Taipei Chinese Orchestra

ZHAO Jiping: Festive Overture
LO Leung-Fai: Childhood Memories
TANG Jianping: Feige
LUO Yonghui: Pastoral Scene from the 1st mov. of Tang Capriccio
YU Chung-Yuan: Karma (New Commissioned Work,World Premiere)
PENG Xiuwen: The Fantasia - The Chin Dynasty Terra Cotta Soldiers

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