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【2017/18】20171118 CHIEN Wen-Pin & TCO

“I would like to develop the sound and discover the possibilities of the Chinese musucal instruments and their combination, to find different acoustics for the Chinese music.” CHIEN Wen-Pin, permanent Resident Conductor at Deutsche Oper am Rhein, met CHENG Li-Pin who also shared the same idea. The “Double Pin” will conduct, in addition to several classic works, new creations of HUNG Chien-Hui, WANG Chenwei and WANG I-Yu commissioned by TCO for a different sound.

The concert includes orchestra works and Sanxian Concerto Aleppo, inspired by the ancient city of Syria. It is based on the modal concept of Muqam while sanxian renders a unique color to this work full of Arabic style.

You might have known large works for double orchestra, but have you ever seen and heard double orchestras directed by double directors? This is the challenge made by and for TCO – we will not only affront different styles, but also deconstruct the orchestra. We invited the composer WANG I-Yu to create a concerto for double orchestras based on the concept of mirror. Two orchestras and two conductors will play and relate to each other as in the mirror.

What kind of acoustic will it make in this unique and very experimental concert? The anticipation is worth to wait.

Time:2017/11/18 Sat.19:30
Place:Zhongzheng Auditorium, Taipei Zhongshan Hall
Price:300 500 800 1000 Buy Ticket

Conductor: CHIEN Wen-Pin
Sanxian: TSAI Yu-Tung
Taipei Chinese Orchestra

Doming LAM: The Insect World
HUNG Chien-Hui: Legend from the Underworld (New Commissioned
Work, World Premiere)
WANG Chenwei: Sanxian Concerto Aleppo (New Commissioned
Work, World Premiere)
WANG I-Yu: Mirror Concerto for Double Chinese Orchestra (New
Commissioned Work, World Premiere)

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