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【2017/18】1104-05 Living National Treasure Ⅲ—Taiwanese Puppetry Music

A voice from the distance calls, “Alas, the life I’ve had cannot be as beautiful as my appearance.” It is the sad and helpless voice of an era, the echo of a beating heart.

When it comes to Taiwanese glove puppetry, the first name you will hear is none other than HUANG Chun-Hsiung. He is the pioneering artist of Taiwan’s “Golden Rays Puppets.” After taking over his father HUANG Hai-Tai’s Wu Chou Yaun puppet troupe, his The Scholar Swordsman series, which premiered on TTV in 1970. At the time, when the show aired at noon, all people disappeared from busy streets as they went home to watch the spectacular and poignant stories told with puppets. His show was the event around which people arranged their lives.

As time passed, our memories of glove puppetry are still ingrained with the iconic characters SHIH Yan-Wun and Two Teeth. This season, TCO presnts a glove puppetry concert that is awe-inspiring and tenderly subtle at the same time, featuring renowned singers including HUANG Si-Tien, XI Qing, Ric JAN, and Angel CHU, taking you back to the heyday of the art form.

Time:2017/11/04 Sat.19:30,11/05 Sun.14:30
Place:National Dr. Sun Yat-sen Memorial Hall
Price:500 1000 1500 2000 2500

Art Direction&Voice Actor (Puppets Dubbing): HUANG Chun-Hsiung
Production: Zhen Wu-Chou Puppet Theatre
Production Coordinator: HUANG Feng- Yi
Project Planning: CHOU Pei- Yu
Film Producer: LIN Tzu-Yang
Conductor: WU Ruey-Chen
Vocalist: HUANG Si-Tien, XI Qing, Ric JAN, Angel CHU
Chorus Coach: CHEN Li-Fen
Puppet Performance: Zhen Wu-Chou Puppet Theatre
Taipei Chinese Orchestra
TCO Chorus
Cosplay Dancers: CHANG Yueh-Chen Folk Dance
The Infinite Cosplay Theater

Ennio Morricone: The Good, the Bad and the Ugly, Marco Polo, A Firstful of Dollars
Gerard Carbonara: Stagecoach
Dominic Frontiere: Hang’em High
Ernest Gold: Exodus
The Ventures: Diamond Head, Pipeline
Edmundo Ros: What A Difference A Day Made
Tito Puente: El Cumbanchero
Gioachino Rossini: William Tell Overture
Antonín Dvořák: Symphony No.9,4th Movement

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  • Source: Taipei Chinese Orchestra

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