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Taipei Chinese Orchestra


【2017/18】2018/05/09 Let’s Swing! Jazz

Look for different elements from different genres, search new rhythms and sounds, create all kinds of possibilities – are guidelines for the evolution of Chinese music. Sometimes those contempory sounds failed to match, at other times they brought sparkle, some other times they appeared like the distant drums, whose beats, although distant and vague, led a possible direction.

In the early summer day, as the breeze cools down the night, there is nothing greater than having the swing of jazz. That’s why TCO organizes this cross-genre concert of Chinese music and jazz. This special concert will be conducted by John van DEURSEN with Rich HUANG (King of Drums in Taiwan), jazz pianist Jeremy MONTEIRO, and bassist Kevin CHUAN. Each will play his instrument and have a jazzy dialogue with TCO.

The second part of the concert switches to folksong, including Chinese folksongs Flowing Stream, Flower Dialogue, and Yilan Children’s Ditty, The Bell of the Lungshan Temple in Lukang, Song of Alishan Mountain composed by BAO Yuankai. There is also the classic – so popular during the first half of the 20th century – Lover’s Tears, for ending the romantic jazz night.

Time:2018/05/09 Wed.19:30
Place:National Concert Hall
Price:300 500 800 1000 1200 1500  Buy Ticket

Conductor: John van DEURSEN
Pianist: Jeremy MONTEIRO
Drum Set: Rich HUANG
Double Bass: Kelvin CHUAN
Taipei Chinese Orchestra

Duke ELLINGTON(Arr. John van DEURSEN): Caravan
Tradition (Arr. TUNG Lan): Ba Ban Variations
J.C. JOBIM (Arr. John van DEURSEN): The Girl from Ipanema
Chinese folk songs (Arr. John van DEURSEN): Flowing Stream
Chinese folk songs (Arr. John van DEURSEN): Flower Dialogue
BAO Yuankai (Arr. John van DEURSEN):Yilan Children’s Ditty from
Sketches of Taiwan
BAO Yuankai (Arr. John van DEURSEN): The Bell of Longshan Temple
in Lukang from Sketches of Taiwan
BAO Yuankai (Arr. John van DEURSEN): Song of Alishan Mountain
T. PUENTE (Arr. John van DEURSEN): Oye Como Va
YAO Min (Lyrics by CHEN Die-Yi, Arr. John van DEURSEN): Lover’s Tear
Ted RICKETTS (Arr. John van DEURSEN): A Tribute to Louis Armstrong