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Taipei Chinese Orchestra


【2017/18】2018/05/20 Music from the Silk Road

The Silk Road was an important path of exchange between the East and the West, influencing the politics, economics, education, cultures, and religions of the world. Xinjiang, in particular, served as China’s gateway to the West. The region contained cultures that were distinct from central China and have unique styles of music and dance. Among works of traditional Chinese music in modern times, many were based on the local music in Xinjiang or were inspired by its cultures. The theme
of this concert is the Silk Road, and it features many pieces from the genre described above, taking patrons on a journey to the Silk Road
era of Xinjiang.

A highlight of the concert is U.S.-based musician Poovalur SRIJI, who plays the South-Indian instrument Mridangam. SRIJI is a percussion musician, educator, composer, and a top artist recognized by All India
Radio. For this collaboration with TCO, he will compose original music specifically for the concert, with himself as the mridangam soloist. What excitement is in order when classical South-Indian music meets Silk
Road music? Join us to find out.

Time:2018/05/20 Sun.19:30
Place:Zhongzheng Auditorium, Taipei Zhongshan Hall
Price:300 500 800 1000  Buy Ticket

Conductor: QU Chunquan
Mridangam: Poovalur SRIJI
Taipei Chinese Orchestra

JIANG Ying: The Silk Road
QU Chunquan: Three pieces of the Silk Road
Poovalur SRIJI: (Commission Work, World Premiere)
LI Datong(Arr. QU Chunquan) : Spring in Pamirs
LIU Zhuang (Arr. LIU Zhanlin): Image of Tashkurgan