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Taipei Chinese Orchestra


【2017/18】2018/04/27 Classic Strings

The pipa is an instrument that liberates feelings from the heart, to tell stories of romance, home, and country. One classical poem goes, “Counting the years, frowning on time passing/ The worries can only be told to the pipa/ As I reach the heart of the tune/ A pair of butterflies perched on my graying hair.” Come listen to pipa masters from around the world gathering in TCO!

The Pipa Finals for the quadrennial Taipei Chinese Instrumental Competition will be held in 2018. Young musicians will compete on stage, and the winner will join pipa masters in a performance. This year’s featured pipa masters include TANG Liang Xing, WU Man, WU Yuxia, ZHOU Tao, and WANG Shih-Jung from both sides of the Strait. They will each bring to the stage their character and style.

The concert will be conducted by QU Chunquan, and the programme comprises only the best pipa pieces, from traditional pipa compositions, adaptations of guqin pieces, to iconic works by contemporary composers. Through both masculine and feminine styles of music, the sounds of pipa is always ever so immediate.

Time:2018/04/27 Fri.19:30
Place:Zhongzheng Auditorium, Taipei Zhongshan Hall
Price:300 500 800 1000 Buy Ticket

Conductor: QU Chunquan
Pipa: WANG Shih-Jung, ZHOU Tao, TANG Liang Xing,
WU Man, WU Yuxia
Winners of 2018 Taipei Chinese Instrumental Competition
Taipei Chinese Orchestra

Tradition (Arr. LIN Shicheng): Chen Sui
Tradition: The Rising Moon
Tradition: Autumn Moon over Han Palace
LIU De-Hai: Six Steeds of the Zhaoling Mausoleum
Arr. TANG Liang Xing: Recall of old friends, Wine Fanatic
WU Man: Select from Four Chinese Paintings
WANG Cheng-Ping(Arr. WANG Pujian): The Rite of Heaven
JIN Xiang: Qin Se Po
WANG Danhong: The Thoughts of the Clouds and Flowers